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Hauptwerk -ADVANCED

Luis Enrique

New member
I know that most organ-fans are not wealthy business man. Every penny counts. So I got gladly the new HW4 Basic edition ($249) so I could play St. Anne organ -an another free organs- in all its splendor. And in fact, I did: it sounds like the the real organ. Marvelously.

But after that experience I felt the need of play at home one of my dream organs, so I studied Hinsz at Kampen ($1247)and then the Arlesheim´s A. Silbermann recently released by Organ Art Media ($330 introductory offer).

In spite of financial shortcomings I bought Silbermann magnificent virtual organ , but immediately I realized that in order to play it in all its splendor I would have to do two things: increase RAM to my computer and upgrade to the HW Advanced edition (+$370) which allows voicing of the pipes.

Right now I can do what could not be even a dream 15 years ago: to play one of the most magnificent organs at home. Now I do not need other entertainments so I will pay my debts soon.

Finally, my recommendation for playing-organ-lovers is that if they plan to acquire this fantastic program (HW4) buy directly the Advanced Edition.

If someone likes to take a look to my HW project, he can view:
Progress have been made since then.

I recommend every organ lover to install HW 4...If I had had it 20 years ago...

Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
Hi LE :)

HW4 advanced is a great program, no doubt, but very expensive .... at least for Greece, adding import taxes VAT ect.
Now add the high cost of a HQ sample set.... it's forbidden..

Have you tried the latest GrandOrgue v. ?
Here's the sample set we created with Lars Palo and Graham Goode especially for this version. It's a 3m/p.

Here :

It's free for all, with our love :)

By the way GO v03 can do almost anything HW4 advanced does... in "her" own way and costs nothing , just the love of "her" developers and sample set creators :-D


Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
Hi scoroncolo

Thanks for posting this, will give food for thought and discussion here.
I got all of them :-D
Happy to see my two sets in the bottom of this list too ! :)
There are many good and superb free ones out there indeed.
GO v03 is a breakthrough. A great software,