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Ella Beck

This is a thread on which to post articles and links which are about health issues.
Good health to you all.

John Watt

Don't run or jog, especially if you're middle-aged or a senior,
unless you are on grass or sand.
Jogging was a huge fad here in North America,
until people started getting shin splints, painful,
and taking longer to heal than a break or fracture,
and that's if they heal.

There are mammals on earth that only grow stronger and smarter as they age.
I can't see any reason why some humans can't be this way.

This is something my parents brought us up to do that I don't hear about anywhere else,
and that's trying not to breathe the exhaust fumes from gasoline powered engines.
I'm still holding my breath and trying to walk upwind as much as I can.
Despite what I say about being a non-smoker, non-drinker who doesn't want to have sex with strangers,
as helping me to decide about leaving the music business in Toronto behind,
it was also the fact I could stand outside businesses in downtown Toronto,
and my eyes would start watering in under two minutes from the unhealthy air quality.
That also was breathing in second-hand cigarette smoke in bars.
"Big City Aroma". No, somehow that doesn't work even as a modern day body cleanse.

This might not seem like a health issue as far as being of the flesh and bone,
but over 60% of personal American bankruptcies are the result of unpaid hospital bills.
Many Americans now live in pain because they can't afford to go to a hospital again.
I'm typing this because it's becoming a big election issue and getting a lot of commentary,
as you can see.

Ella Beck! I'm pushing and pulling six nickel-plated, round-wound steel guitar strings, medium gauge, a jazz set-up.
Most electric guitarist like this playing full time usually have to retire by the time they are thirty or forty,
getting tendonitis and other hand problems.
Only playing in bands when it's where my life arrives, and being self-employed in other ways,
is what keeps my hands going, plus all the finger exercises and soaking in a hot bathtub.
I know you're a violinist. How are your fingers?
For a small instrument with tiny strings, does using a computer keyboard provide exercise?

John Watt

Does that mean you're not totally awake here? Hello? Hello?

Or as they say in Ontario, "wake and bake".
That's "medicinal" now.
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Ella Beck

Everybody learns what suits their constitution best, so this may not work for you, dear reader.

I suffer from indigestion quite a bit, but I find the following spices - paprika, ground cumin, and ginger - seem to ward off dyspepsia and give me a good night's sleep.