heartscore-new song "Railroad avenue" (progressive rock)


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Hello everybody, I have just finished a new song with my project "heartscore". The song is basing on the poem "Railroad avenue" by the famous american poet Langston Hughes. I would describe the music as art-rock. That means it's a progressive rock, but not in the sense of modern progressive rock like dream theater. I like orchestral arrangements, so here you have a synth-brass-section, a real violin (played by myself), guitars (also played by myself). For the first time in the history of "heartscore" I have hired a professional singer from the website studiopros.com (Los Angeles), where you can find many studio-musicians for hire. I looked for a male voice with a blues/soul-vibe, but able to perform complex progressive-rock. At last I choosed "Chris" from their site and I am very happy with the result. You can listen to the song and download it for free using the link below. Comments and suggestions are welcome.



Always interesting to hear work from members. Best of luck with your progress


John Watt

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Okay! Here's some comments, not out of left field, and I'm a lefty all the way,
but from the space between the words we don't use, or type, or get fontfull with.
I'm seeing teddy being nice, after almost two years and well over a thousand views.

Here's what I'm seeing today,
and that includes one of the reasons I decided to look at heartscore,
talking to a man who is a new preacher in town, a Mr. Everhart.

The domain is saying this video has been removed, so I searched and found the heartscore page.
I wanted to see the song that was mentioned here, thinking it must be his best or newest effort,
and the one to type about, so I just lowered the side bar until everything stopped moving up,
and there were dozens of even heartscore castaways and non-pulsing friends.

But, I saw that comments under a track called "opium song" were deleted and denied.
And then I noticed how much Steely Dan was there.
I was asked to join a band in Burlington, living at the back-up guitar players' house,
while the other members had day jobs, so I was having a lot of fun.
That's the summer "Pretzel Logic" came out, figuring out as much as I could,
because that was a first use of some synths for guitars that really worked well.
What could sound like vibes or anything else, was the guitar players.

What's bad about that, was seeing a Salvadore Dali painting on a paperback,
called "Naked Lunch", that featured "Steely Dan", where Donald Fagen got the name.
That's all about old school heroin addiction, and suddenly,
all those lines that are supposed to respresent the e.q. ratios of the current frequencies,
became tracks, lots of tracks, too many tracks, too cold, no colours at all, dis-spiriting.

Why not, for all your efforts here, with what, over fifty things to just listen to,
why not have your own domain where you can put up videos and photos of you,
and show some online activity about putting your music together.

My biggest complaint, and believe me, I'm down on any genrefying,
is seeing you say "Led Zeppelin", "Funk", "Soul and r'n'b", "Heavy Metal",
with other global beat, world beating music substructures of electronic delights,
that really are just for you, just so you can see what you do.

That's really what you're asking here, if you're saying look and listen to me.
You're really not there, except for this small photo, and everything is black and white.
There was a time before FM radio in the United States,
where your content would be considered illegal and immoral,
and you would not be allowed to cross state lines or leave the country.
That's not just sayin', because I'm still seein'.

too bad Ricky lost that number, and couldn't find a phone
yeah, you should do some lyric updates, if you want to accent your updates as online,
and if your crimson tide runs low, lowering your heartscore pulse, you can call that Tweakin' Blues.

I listened to "Milana, I think, Darkness Awaits", described as "classical".
Nice tone on the violin, and you're a nice player, even if you're too high in the mix.
As far as heartscore and Everhart goes, hey, read the Bible like it's history, with lots of parables.
There are over 120 other-worldly beings who came to earth, from the heaven of Jesus of Nazareth,
and yes, they are all still here.
The Gaelic language is the only language said to be the language of the Garden of Eden,
and the Hebredis Island, meaning "being of Hebrews", aren't just offshore,
for Sons and Daughters of the Gael, who speak Gaelic. Ga means go, gae means gone,
and Gaelic means being of the gone. Edinborough is pronounced eden-burra. Go figure.

Every scientist, inventor, author or artist, whose work changed humanity forever,
all say a glowing, human-like being appeared to them in the dark, when they were sleeping,
waking them up to explain and show what they want him to be, and do.
Which side are the people who want to nuke you on,
and which side is working for humanity, and which side is sending too much money into "outer space"?
What is it about time and space, that we can never erase, unless we're looking forward,
and calling it eternity.
Bay-an-uck-let, blessings on you, and as you could say,
Agus oo hane a haritch, you as well my friend.
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