Hello from Bosnia and Herzegowina


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Hello I'm form Mostar, BA and I stumbled across this forum while hoping to find other people who enjoy the same music I do. I listened to Metal music alot as a teenager because it had a lot of emotion but as I grew and tried to express myself in metal I found out that it's lacking, lacking alot. I found out that my expression is in crossover music because of the much wider range of emotions it can express. So hello to you all, and I hope to find some good people here!


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Welcome to MIMF, mariokbee :wave:

We hope that you will enjoy the time you spend with this great forum community.
You will meet lots of good people here ... it's a great place, we think.

If you have any questions, let one of the staff know - we are here to help, too.


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Hello mariokbee

Welcome to the forum, you will find some good people here. Have a look round and do join in.


Pista Gyerek

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I never knew Herzegovina was an actual location. I always thought it was a fantasy place, like Shangri-La or Timbuktu.

Pista Gyerek


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Hahaha, more like it's a nightmare location :D.

No, with the recent past aside, things are getting better around here. Pretty much normal life is going on.. There are plenty more things to improve like our government and constitution, national interests etc. But I'm not here to discuss about politics :).

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with dark past of conflicts because it was, is and will be on the border between the west and the east. As a result we have a rich cultural inheritance and a lot to offer to the world. I, myself am a member of a group of people who's mission is to bring our cultural richness to the world with music, of course. Apart of that I also work alone on my music which is a some sort of crossover music. My purpose is not to promote myself but if you would like I can send you a link to my work or the work of my group.

Best of regards from imaginary place :D