Hello from Teo - synchrosonic chakra continuous play lessons



I love the layout of this site! Excellent. I have a few things to share as far as an introduction, here they are in order of my favorite:

I have some songs based on the 7 chakras and 7 notes correlation, Major scale has 3-4 to heart and 7-8 crown to next step synced, Lydian 'raises the heart chakra' with 4-5 and 7-8 synced, then the Melodic Minor has 3 'leading tones,' one 2-3, one 5-6 and one 7-8. I explore these using do-re-mi, chakra sounds and other ideas here: http://Givnology.com/compose.htm

I like to create 'venues' or 'portals' where people can create their own multimedia, here is an example of this welcome present (he he..): http://inersha.com/wellbein/eric0101.htm

I am creating the CD inserts for my CDs, 1.5MB Word files: http://Inersha.com/purelove.doc http://Inersha.com/jumpupst.doc and http://Inersha.com/worldsou.doc and I am so happy to be describing all of the 'inside jokes' or forms and musical techniques in each song!

I have 'continuous play' web designs like http://Inersha.com and http://Givnology.com/compose.htm

There are other things like a guitar tablature font you'll see in the CD inserts that I wouldn't mind sharing, I'll insert the picture of one in the next post "Ice Cream Chords."

I think that's more than enough hello for now eh? Nice place you have got here! Peace and harmony to all.


Frederik Magle

Staff member
Welcome to MIMF.dk Teo!

Hope to see you around often! - I will take a look at the files/links you posted soon.