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Gautigoth! At first, I looked at all the little stars elderpiano gave you, and thought about that.
I saw Jimi Hendrix, George Benson and Deep Purple in an eight month period, where I'm coming from as a guitarist.
I own equipment where I can lay my guitar onstage and just start manipulating all the feedback and effects I can get going.
And as an old pro, I'm listening to see what other people are listening to, and all my life I have been watching lots of movies,
so I was thinking electronica right away, and I can say Deadmau5 is local for me, doing some of the same venues in the past.

When I clicked your first link to Spotify, I chose "Graveyard Swing" but nothing I could do would make it play.
I'm not hot on computers, and I don't want any more log-ins, because I have a website I'm not working on.

When I clicked on SoundCloud, "Graveyard Swing" was waiting for me and it played.
I don't want to be misunderstood, so I'm admitting that being a DJ or supplying music without a band,
can almost be anything now, depending on your equipment.
I'm seeing two musicians who play an instrument working with digitals to make a band sound.
Of course, there is the original DJ all by himself, maybe without digitals, being two-turntables and a mike.

"Graveyard Swing" doesn't sound like some jammed out electronica, it's too composed and orchestrated for that.
And I'm not hearing any goth or scary graveyard anything, or any big band jazz swing, so I'm lost with the title.
The first thing I like is the fact that it's dance-able, what most authentic music is for.

I've been listening to music with stereo headphones ever since I was seventeen, Koss light-weight studio headphones.
Right now, I'm hearing you through bass powered Altec Lansing speakers.
If I was laying down in the dark with the headphones on, it would have been more powerful, and I like it loud.
Okay, here at Magle.dk I like a wide range of dynamics, and for my amp I do have full range speakers.

Here's a little something you don't hear about Jimi Hendrix, but I saw him and this is what he said.
Don't forget, Jimi was using a 100 watt head that had only one volume control.
The top cabinets were Marshall guitar cabinets, four twelves,
and his bottom cabinets were Marshall organ speakers, eighteen inches.
That's a full range set-up, having a loud clean or mellow tone, and using devices for feedback.

Hey! Hey! Hey! This might be a trip down memory lane, but it's still a trip.

Gautigoth! You should get your own website.
I'm paying around $25 for an annual registration, and $11.95 a month hosting.
I have intense legal and criminal considerations, so I pay the $11.95 a month for special help,
when it could be less than $4 a month if I paid yearly for an ordinary website.
I'm a .ca, an extra cost, .ca for Canada, just the same as Magle.dk is .dk for Denmark.

If you have your own domain, or website, you can make it any way you want,
or you can use an existing website template, with a choice from thousands,
that you can change, left-clicking your way to online infamy.
Everything you do, everything you say, any photos, unlimited pages, unlimited scrolling,
and it's just a link away to everywhere else you want to be.

I recommend my supplier, Easy Hosting, and it is generally understood here in North America,
that the tech-talkers of New Brunswick are the best in the world. I know that.
So do Bell, COGECO, Shaw, and all the other suppliers with the phone services in New Brunswick.
I'm not a salesman. They're over 2,000 miles away from me.

I came back to say I've got the $9.95 lowest costing monthly plan, and with webmail it's $11.95.
That's a potential 20 different email addresses with a capacity to send 10,000 email at once.
You can also separate this domain and give others permissions and their own passwords,
however you want to share your music with others.
The next plan has a shopping cart, and the most expensive can be used to run a province or state.
How nice would it be to be [email protected] for Sweden, for the rest of your life? I guessed for Sweden.

Take a look! https://www.easyhosting.com
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I'm just back to comment on the two Gary Numan links you show.
Gary Numan? He had a bit of a DEVO thing going on, unless I'm wrong.
In a hard rock guitar trio, the only trio I've ever been in, I sang "Your Love is Alive".
We did another song by another English keyboard player, that had a long descending organ thing.
yeah, I just remembered, "Hold Your Head Up", yeah, I do remember, that was Rod Argent.
The bassist had the album and put two songs on cassette, so I was doing them without seeing the album.
Rod Argent didn't do "Your Love is Alive". I was using DiMarzio pickups when they first came out.
They really made a difference, the first electric guitar pickups wound by machines, exactly the same.
I clicked [email protected], and it looks like they're waiting for you.

Uh-oh! I'm still getting into this. Here's a live version of "Hold Your Head Up".
That's "hold your head up, woman", a song about the female liberation movement.
Seeing a Strat with holes cut into it is very old, and only old, for me. I understand.
If you notice, he has a guitar cord and another wire coming out.
The bassist, with his bass and six string on top, is something I've never been in the same room with.

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I was going to add "Ghosts and Stuff" by Deadmau5, feat. Rob Swire, because of "Graveyard Swing".
But it was too harsh and the video was too dreamy, too slow and pale, and I never was a big fan. He's just local.
And I never did E.
I saw this "Swedish House Mafia" and decided to try something new.
The video is very very flashy, but again, the music is too DJ electronica, nothing as orchestral as Gautigoth.
I just hafta say, these Swedes are using the name Mafia in their name,
but that's a bad idea, especially if they have any hopes of making it in America.
You might think "Scarface" and "The Godfather", but imagine those Mafia on crystal meth.
Truck drivers in Canada and the United States don't deliver to New Jersey,
and if they do they don't get out of their trucks.
They're still playing Ace of Bass here, never mind any other newer Swedish acts.
"All I want is another baby, and then you're gone tomorrow boy". I understand that too.

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