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My real name is Greg and I've been playing the violin for about 28 years. I'm a public school music teacher and conduct a local youth orchestra. I also play in the local symphonies when I can.

I love a wide range of music, but my two favorite areas are probably Classical and Metal.
I've recently (re)discovered a love for contemporary classical music, and have realized that over the years since my university studies that I have not nearly kept up with all of the great music in the past 50 or so years, so I'm looking forward to learning from people around here.


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Greetings, Fretless :tiphat:

Welcome aboard to Magle International Music Forums. We hope you will enjoy yourself here - looking forward to seeing you around the boards here :cheers: !


Hi Greg :)

Well, it`s hard to keep up with all the great music out there; there`s heaps of old stuff, and people just keep making new stuff! :grin:

Hope you find the place to your liking; have fun!