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Aloha gina,

Welcome aboard! Please do make yourself feel right at home on MIMF and do plan on staying for a spell as this forum is highly addictive.

You mention that you wish to be guided. How can the many fine experts on this forum help you? A composer? a period in music history such as Baroque or post-Modernist? Classical or Jazz? Ragtime or post Hard Bop? Renaissance or Rock/Pop/Metal/R&B/Funk/Blues and etc... Say what you wish and we'll be at your service.


Corno Dolce :tiphat::tiphat::tiphat:


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:wave: Welcome to MIMF, Gina

This is a forum community that has lots of discussion topics going on at the same time. We look forward to your participation ... Enjoy!


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Hello gina,

A hearty welcome to MIMF. You have come to the right place for guidance. Just read through the forums which are closest in subject to what type of help you are seeking and start right in posting. If you can't find a specific place, then use the General and/or Community Chat and you will have lots of responses.

Welcome, again.


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Hello Gina,

Welcome to the forum, this is a great place to come for guidance. If you need to know anything just ask, there are many knowledgeble people here who will help you.