Help with an academic essay on Symphonic Metal appreciated!

Hi everyone!

I am researching for an academic essay on Symphonic Metal, in particular its influence from Western Classical Music. I thought the most knowledgeable people on the subject would be the fans themselves, so advice and opinions would be much appreciated!
I would like to start off by defining subgenre. Where, in your opinion, can the best definitions on what is and isn’t Symphonic Metal be found?
What disagreements are there on the right definition?
Another focal point will be an investigation into how and why this metal came to be dubbed “symphonic” and the possibility of it being a misnomer.
So basically, “What’s Symphonic about Symphonic Metal?”
What pieces and styles of classical music are similar to Symphonic Metal or have been influential and why?

All responses are greatly appreciated :)



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There are many knowledge people here who may help you.