Hey, mang!


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I want to post up vids,

and listen to LOTS of music.

Which board does one do ^that^ on?

(Like the dumbass that i am,
i thought they'd ALL be about music.
my bad.)

And I suppose I should say this:

a MIX,

of music types,

of languages,

of ... feelings,
if ^that^ makes sense,
but sometimes, you want to DANCE,
or just VEG,
or you want to hear some nice background tunes that don't distract you,
and like that.

And I'm not usually this bouncy/floaty,
but ...


and this

I've never been able to "classify" music,
and say it's this type or that.

I saw Pink Floyd in Japan, in the '70's,
and my friend and I almost MET them!

I'm old,
and music means something that is so closely tied to my lifeline that I hear it,
in the song of a long-haul truck's engine,
and the silence of a house, settling itself down,

and, what with living in the country,

the sounds of God's green earth.
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Hello fyrenza and welcome to the forum.
As you have already found out there is all sorts of music appreciated here from progressive to pipe organ. Plus lots of other interests and amusements from people all over the world. That is what makes this a great site.



You can post videos to any of the forums that are in that area of interest. For me I listen mostly to youtube postings. THere are others for listening to music postings also which you will get links to from here many times. ( soundcloud etc). Welcome and enjoy your time spent here.