Hi- (and opera trivia question needed...)


Hi All. Any opera buffs out there? I'm just browsing around looking for opera related trivia questions. I'd like put a short trivia quiz in my next newsletter - or maybe just on the site: Operagifts . com is the name. (Offering opera related gifts, oddly enough)

I'm thinking more along the lines of specific opera questions... not like 'what year did Domingo sing...'

So if you have any ideas just email me or post here.

I'm excited about joining the forum.

Frederik Magle

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Welcome to Magle International Music Forums, mardi! :tiphat:

Glad to have you aboard, I'm sure you are not the only opera freak here :)
I'd recommend also making a thread with your question in the classical music forum in order to get most replies.

Many kind regards,


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Hey Mardie

Welcome to MIMF, hope you enjoy your stay. Glad to hear that you are excited about joining, it is a great forum.