Hi from Toronto-again and more info then you need.

John Findlay

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So I've been writing jingles/corporate video stuff for over 15 years.I use all the bells & whistles and a few tin cans:Logic Audio -Gigastudio-
Sam Horns -Distorted Reality on & on.Two years ago I went independent and moved to the suburbs to enjoy raising my son
as much as possible.i also started doing a few scores for docu,mentaries.They don't pay as well as commercials but are generally less pressure.
Anyhow Istarted doing orchestral mock-ups.never as good as the real thing however these docs don't have a huge music budget.
i also have my own blues/jazz/R&B band which i write,sing and play guitar in.
I studied classical mainly private-jazz briefly at Berklee -
and rockn'roll at the Scool of Hard Knox.
Started way too long ago and still having fun.
I'm kinda working on a 3rd CD-jazz-pop-blues.And one of my long term projects is finishing up a piece called "The Blue Page"-a tribute to Frank Zappa's "The Black Page'-and just a general tribute to the man.

My influences in no particular order:Bartok-Ravel-Bill Evans-Jimi Hendrix-Muddy Waters-Beatles-Little Feat-celtic-
Indian Music-Oscar Peterson-Malcolm Arnold[discovered a few years ago!]-I could go on.....

Well , thanks for reading.
here's a link to some stuff :



Frederik Magle

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Welcome to MIMF.dk, John Findlay! Glad to have you aboard and I hope you will enjoy and find this forum useful. I will take a closer look at your music tomorrow, looking forward to hear it!