High-Quality, Lovely, Spiritual New Age Music From Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy


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Jeff Johnson is a new age and world-fusion keyboardist/synthesist and Phil Keaggy is a versatile guitarist (acoustic, electric and other assorted stringed instruments). Together they have created a soft, sublime new age music album, Cappadocia, their third recording together. The music was influenced and inspired by a region of Turkey that has a spiritual history, a lovely desert-like starkness, and some below-ground wonders (houses and churches carved out of solid rock hundreds of years ago).

There are eight tunes, ranging in length from 5:06 to 7:48. Some of the moments that stand out include some lovely spacey synth on “That Which is Hidden,” a nice acoustic guitar part on “Chapel of Stone” and some soaring electric guitar on “Trinity.”

There is an aura of spirituality about the music which makes sense because both musicians are very spiritual, and have recorded Christian-based music as well as secular, non-religious music during their illustrious careers. This new music is ideal for meditation, personal worship and exploring inner growth potential. The music is generally soft and extremely pretty. This is a must-hear for the crowd that enjoys high-quality new age music.