hot virus in a new link

John Watt

In the "Film Scores and soundtracks" forum, there's a first posting by a new member asking to identify this "Unknown piece, typical Hollywood...". The link has a heavy virus that froze this computer immediately. I'm borrowing a computer at an institution that recently spent $22,000 to purchase programming and security to maintain government access. I had to log off and reset to resume use.
Is this an admin warning? I'll keep looking.

John Watt

Ah! Now I get to bask in my own online limelight, well, maybe more seafoam blueish.

"You're deletable, that's what you are,
you're just deletable, you live too far,
for me to get to you, to do what I want to do,
and for sure, that's deletable".

How about a virus spreaders theme song?

John Watt

teddy! I just saw a message from Krummhorn describing how this government computer I'm using could affect listening.
It doesn't seem to affect any of my computer use, and maybe it was just a bad connection at the time.
I'm glad he deleted my posting about it, especially considering it's a first time posting by a new member.

If it helps you with my little verse, think "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole.
The way society seems to be devolving here in North America,
maybe even Hallmark could get sent a mental with this one.

"Sent A Mental", my new name for fine art and signs. Blatant self-promotion.
You can see a virus scare brings out the worst in me.


Staff member
I've fully checked that link and have not found any problem with it. Clicking on that link does not lock up my PC (Dell XPS Studio 8100; Windows 7 64 bit).

Anyone can right click that link and find information for it before opening it in a browser window ... I often have NAV (Norton software) check things like that before I enter an unknown site.

I too did not recognize the tune :)