How are your http and https doing?

John Watt

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Wow, I can't believe the little struggles I'm having now,
with online log-in warnings, from the major corporations.
They're saying that http log-ins are so easy to get around,
you should only be logging in to https domains.

When I log in anywhere, as I start typing, my name doesn't show,
so I have to remember and type it all in,
and the warning covers the user code section.
I have to click around it so I can add the code to get in.

I see this as just a bad push to get everyone on https,
what just uses more electricity to be there.
And the people building this system,
are the ones who are building this flaw for us.

When I first saw this a few days ago, I looked at the explanation.
They weren't even using any corporate domain,
using a woman's blog to describe how to click around it,
with further superstitions about being http or https.

Look at all the incredible technologies we have,
that are getting back to where the plugs are just positive-negative,
not even that important ground.


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The "https" is far more secure and is used now for online banking, Facebook, my cloud storage, and lots of other sites I use on a daily basis.

We, at Magle International IPS, are aware of this and will, eventually, add the "s" to the "http" part of the address. We are unable to do this at this particular time do to advertising arrangements with Google as well as their "ranking system".

It also requires another 'plug-in' to purchase and install if I'm not mistaken.

For the time being though there is no issue with logging in to either of our sites ... just one added step by either clicking or pressing the down arrow twice then pressing 'enter'. Be sure to click on "Remember Me" when logging in ... I have my browser set to remember all my login information.

John Watt

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Krummhorn! It's been a long morning, and I looked back here, just in case.
Your answer surprises me, as well as informing.

That's very interesting domain building talk, about a "plug-in", something I never came across.
Right away, I'll say my domain build, just text blocks and photos, doesn't need security.
You can't log in anyway, just look. The build is there, I'm just doing what I want.
That's Easy Wizard Pro, a domain build that Bell, Shaw and COGECO use as product.
It's an assortment of pre-built domains that you alter and continue building pages.

Nuff's e-nuff!

Seeing how online works in Ontario, there is no real security.
Ontario online, with Ottawa, is now owned and secured by Americans.
People are losing points and rewards from major corporations.
When the husbands and wives of known corporate criminal organizations,
dominate politics locally and in Toronto, online is used against you as a citizen.
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John Watt

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I'm even more bummed out about this http and https thing,
and how they're not introducing it, but pushing it on us.

Considering how unadventurous my computer use is, being a word processor who does photos,
I'm surprised the little I'm seeing is getting to me.
The big corporations all work fine, nothing in the way, letting you click in,
with a side pop-up warning about insecure http. I was always insecure, I know that.
Not having your name pop on as previous online protocol, means they deleted that on purpose.
Smaller sites have the log-in obscured, making you click around, not nice at all.

Considering the security and the actual life and death aspects of computer use,
even driving teens to suicide,
if they sold cars the way they sold computer stuff, the public would rise up and flame them down for real.
How's this. Your tires have been found to contain a previous design that new asphat renders unsafe.
Please call a towing company and bring your car to your dealer immediately.
We are trying to stock enough new tires for immediate replacement,
and have your debit card ready.

The electricity we have been sending to you has now been determined,
to contain elements that can be induced by foreign agents,
so that residential components will fail without any hope or repair.
Please bring your existing components in for a free online test,
that will determine if they have been affected.
Your local dealer will have new technology in stock to replace defective units.
Please bring your debit number.

It has been determined by the provincial board of commercial and residential construction,
that previous use of "white wood" from eastern Canada, has been found to have defective trees.
Any roofings, from house to garage, and any frameworks, from pizzerias to tourist booths,
must have this "eastern white wood" identified, and for most, having to be removed,
and replaced, by "southern white wood" from the United States.

Public Advisory! Please remember to tighten your armband,
when you plug your residential lie detector into your computer.
Your replies to provincial surveys and personal questionnaires can be sent with precision.
This also allows local law enforcement and tax agents to operate more effectively.