How many PASSWORDS/PINS for you??


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Yesterday, I had something of a significant event in my time here at MIMF- for the first time, I typed in my (very strong) password from memory!:grin: So, with a look over my shoulder at Alvin Toffler- I was wondering- how many passwords or P.I. numbers do YOU carry around in your head?? As for me- there's:

Password to log on to my workplace computer
Password to access my work-screens on my workplace computer
P.I. number for bank ATM card
P.I. number for one of my credit cards (not that I EVER take cash-advances off my credit card- but somehow, I remember it all the same)

Then, for 'recreational' computing at home, there's:

Passwords to each of my three AOL screen-names
Passwords to each of the four message-boards on which I'm registered.

Whew!! That makes 11 different unique population-fields. (And, in case you're wondering, none of the above are 'variants' of other passwords-- so they really do qualify as separate elements.)

O.K. then- enough about me... how about YOU??!


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Hmm, let me think...

That would be about 15 passwords (11 of them used daily). And, of course, each of them is one of a kind.

Five more and I think I'm gonna go crazy:nut:


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I have quite a few, bank ones, forum ones and ones for paying my bills online.



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All totaled: well over 50 passwords! By Mat's standards above, I've gone completely crazy :crazy::nut: ... but then I do spend a good number of hours every day online.

Firefox can store most of them as well as track the ones I've changed, but I never let it store passwords for financial institutions. I routinely change all passwords at least every 90 days.


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I have quite a few too, but they are all locked in a safe place on my Palm phone (I only need remember one password to access this area). And I've got a hardcopy hidden somewhere at home, though I forget exactly where ...


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Well I do not use internet banking, my credit card is sig only, The only times I need a password is for forums and these are not highly secret so I use only one password for the lot, sometimes I have to add a number at the request of the register joker.


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Mybignose666? for example? J.H.C.?
Thats a good idea, why didn't I think of it?