How much do you Smoke

How much do you smoke

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  • Less than 20 pckets a day

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How about smoking parties, we could wear smoking jackets! Oh no. Thats all been done. :rolleyes:



Chief assistant to the assistant chief
I remember in pubs there was always a smoking room, the thing is as an ex smoker the very smell of ciggy smoke is repulsive.

John Watt

Active member
I haven't been to a brush fire party lately, lotsa smoke there.
Time to burn another, uh, acre.

Seeing your idea of a "smoking classical" genre made me think.
I can't think of classical music that was inspired by a fire.
Jimi did "House Burning Down", with an incendiary sounding guitar intro,
about cities in the U.S. burning after the assassination of Martin Luther King.
"Fire" could be Jimi, The Doors, lots of fires going on with rock bands, raggae too.

Ella Beck

I smoked for a few weeks in my early twenties. Then my grandmother, who hated smoking, craftily pointed out that it was affecting my singing voice, and I never bothered with it again. :)