How to promote your own (or other's) music or web site here...

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Frederik Magle

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If you in any way wish to promote your own (or other's, but which you are directly artistically involved in, say, as a member of a band, choir, etc.) music, ensemble/orchestra, CDs, web site, etc. on Magle International Music Forums please do so in the Member's Music Announcements forum or - if you wish to get a review - the Music & Web Site Reviews Forum (Please read the "sticky" post in each of these forum before posting).

You may also put a link to your web site in your member-profile (User Control Panel » Edit Profile), and after having made 10 posts you can also add a "signature" (with up to 2 links, etc.) to your posts.

Alternatively you can post advertisements and promotional material in the Other Announcements & Promotion forum by buying a subscription for at least one month.

Note: these rules are primarily instated in order to avoid people joining this forum, making a few posts advertising their music/band/website/whatever and then never returning again. Thus, the rules are slightly relaxed for the regular members (defined as members with 100+ posts) whose contributions are not mainly advertisements - they don't have to obey it as strictly.

The basic posting guidelines are effective for everyone and at all times though.

If in doubt just ask

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