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From Rush, Dream Theater, Elp, Porcupine Tree (my current fave) to Kansas, Utopia, Kings X, and Genesis (especially the "lamb lies down on broadway" era, and earlier), I have been a fan of progressive a guitarist and band leader, my music is heavily influenced by such groups such as the ones listed above, plus the funk and jazz-rock of bands such as Steely Dan, Toto, Santana, and various metal bands such as Megadeth, Testament, Racer X, Sepultura, and others....I have been fortunate to have not missed a Rush show here in the Seattle area since 74'...they changed my life musically, and I count Alex Lifeson (along with Jeff Beck, Ty Tabor, Al DiMeola, David Gilmour, and Eric Johnson) as one of my major guitar influences. Such beauty embodied in their playing, along with a technical proficiency that is mind boggling...One would say I'm a guitar nerd, and they might be right...I currently own 8, including my newest love - a G&L Legacy Tribute, midnight (see thru') blueburst with 3 single coils - a white tortishell pickguard - rosewood fretboard and blocked trem bridge...the quintesential "strat" type guitar with killer sustain and a very "open" I can do the "Comfortably Numb" tone all day long....:grin:
I recently turned my drummer on to Porcupine Tree...he flipped out, and we have both made a pact to try and be as great a group (in our own way) as they are...with the goal of maybe even sharing the same stage with a group like them...but very few of us exist in the Seattle area...prog, to most around here, means Tool, or Opeth, or any number of new bands that have "core" in the bands' musical's not a downer on them, just a sad fact that there are so few venues for music such as ours....Metal is so angry...and the bands we aspire to emulate are not angry, for angers' sake...thus the lack of support from music fans here...but we will persevere.
We understand who we are and why we play the kind of music we do...because we are fans first, and formost, of the musicanship, and the efforts taken to rise above the mediocrity that is modern rock music. And of the decisions made to not follow the trends, and try to create a "new" sound for themselves...we too, have made that decision...
We say hello to all fans of progressive rock, old and new music alike, and though we may differ in who we concider an important artist...we all share a common bond....Peace Hope and Love to all ...
Rob and Ron/ Digital Chemistry


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It sounds as though you are a really big fan of Prog Rock. Tell me on Genesis - do you prefer the time with Peter Gabriel as lead singer or Phil Collins?

I only realised relatively recently that Phil Collins was even in the group - I always thought he was a solo artist :eek:


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I can answer that one as well - Peter Gabriel. I cannot and never could stand Phil Collins. I didn't like his piggy little face, his poor impressions of Peter Gabriel and I really didn't like his fake cheeky Cockney chappie persona. Didn't like his music either.