I and my Mandolin :-)


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Hello everyone!!!

Wish you would like to watch my mandolin videos. I play for 11 years, since I was 8 years old (now I am 19s) and really love the mandolin.

Also I will be happy to hear your comments and Suggestions.

My Youtube channel:


My video with the orchestra:

Thank you :)

Linoy Israel.


Hello Linoy and welcome to the forum. That was a charming piece. I throughly enjoyed it.


John Watt

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There's a fourteen piece adult mandolin orchestra in my home town in Canada,
so I was interested in hearing a more traditional and native mandolin orchestra.
You really sounded good, playing a piece that went through many thoughtful changes.

I'm not sure who you are in this video, just looking here, but I do have a suggestion for the lead player.
I see she's propping her foot up, using a stand, which becomes part of your playing technique.
If you're going to do that, I suggest getting a wah-wah pedal or a foot-controlled digital device.
You're picking back and forth, at various speeds, but that's all.
If you want to get into tonal enhancements, articulating notes with a wah sensibility,
even getting into flagrante delectos,
that's what you'll eventually end up doing, so I suggest trying to become one with it all now.


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Enjoyable performance. I am so used to hearing it played with Blugrass/mountain music here..not a more classical redition. Nicely done....