I dare you! I double dare you in stereo!

John Watt

If Corno Dolce can start a thread here, saying he wants to liven things up on MIMF,
so can the indisputed
"The Fount of Font & The Earl of Url".
So I dare you, I double-dare you in stereo,
say, ask, impart, vent and even try to double indent,
I'll have a fully fontal fling, a skirling kind of thing,
coming through the pipes just for you.

I'm getting something already, someone else's open computer,
their thoughts coalescing without being typed into this thread,
why this person can't sleep tonight.
Hear me! Hear me! I think it's time you forgave your father.
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John Watt

As I can surmise you are thinking,
fortunately, none of my notes were involved.
The laser etched plastic bristleboard around the Jimi Hendrix poster,
what were a one time product for $2 at the Dollarama, and I bought them all, twenty,
really moves with the reflected lighting of the blue brain, when the rest is dark.

You should see what happens to the blue brain when I rub turned on electric guitar strings against it.
The brain comes with a disclaimer about using electronics within three feet of it,
just like me, often accused of fritzing out what's around me, computers to radios.
Have you ever had one of those days when lights, even street lights,
go out as you approach?

Suddenly, I'm sensing some relief, maybe not from you, maybe a moderator.
Mostly because this bedroom tour is an electronic tour,
not one of the flesh.

musicteach, as always, very appropriate, very appropriate, as I sit at attention for you.
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John Watt

That was just one corner, experimental firsts.
However, anyone should expect anything experiential in my bedroom to be prolonged.
And I'm only using Scotch tape, lasting forever, very sticky.

I can feel an urge, the urge of another. Yes, some curiosity is coalesceing through my fingertips.
Yes, yes, your observation is acute... seeing deep into the blue online brain.
Don't hesitate, yes, yes, you're coming through, why is Google different for you. I know.
When Jewish political refugees, who believed their own prophecies, fled the middle east,
they came north and across the ocean to an island where they travelled again to the north.
Little did they know that Hadrian's Wall would continue the isolation they sought.
When they first came to Scotland, they gave their gracious hosts a gift,
what was called the stone that Jacob used as a ladder to see into heaven.
Scottish people also had to make up a new term for what happened,
when you looked into the eyes of one of them.
They called it "having googlee-eyes", getting googled themselves.
Artificial technologies may now be creating a replicant imitation, basically a global brain,
and taunting these good people by propogating their name,
but those with the inheritance of googling still see through and far past it.
It's one thing to be electrical, and it's another to have eyes for eternity.

When you come down from outside the earth's atmosphere,
focussing in on where you want to see on this earth,
how does Google satellite make you feel?
How can something that never existed before in mankind's history,
this completely artificial reality, even if a glow is better than a shine,
be so globally addicting? Even if it uses the Proper English of James of Scotland.
Our earth with His love becomes our Hearth.

If a heavenly being came to see me, unless I was transfixed,
I'd be running away as fast as I can, fa fa awa.


Chief assistant to the assistant chief
Did you know that the Scots were immigrants from Wales and that the Welsh were the original English, I realise this may be a shock to all that you hold dear but, by google it is the truth.

John Watt

Google is as Google does, that whole hearts and minds thing.
Some people think some Scottish people are descendants of a Jewish tribe. Some historians think that below Hadrian's Wall it was a melting pot society, speaking Latin for over four hundred years.
In the Buchanan and Royal Buchanan tartan, as prescribed in The Royal Scottish Register, and the Scottish Register, a tradition dating back almost two thousand years, following descendants with the rights of returning home, the white lines meeting with a pure white square, on the red, signifies the light of the love of Jesus of Nazareth and his blood.
The piece of Buchanan tartan across the bottom was used as a tablecloth in a wedding in a castle in Scotland, and you dinnee use Royal Buchanan for tablecloths. The scarf across the top, the cap and tam, are all Buchanan, and the green and gold, yellow, shirt is the closest shirt I have.
I not only walk the talk, I wear it.
These clan items are near and dear to me, but aren't being in the thick of it, for me. As a native Canadian, I like to be John of Crowland, even if Crowland no longer legally exists, because that raven, or crow, or black bird, Noah let go still flies for me. I might have been born to the authentic straight and narrow, but I'm also progressing as straight as the crow flies.
Bay-an-uck let, Blessings on You.


John Watt

A brief history of the last ten thousand years, and ach, I could wait now, for a thousand years.

When the last ice age covered the earth, most Canadians think of it as miles of ice on top of us.
But the whole world underwent the ice age, the Sahara being like a barren arctic wasteland.
The magnetic poles of the earth changed positions, dramatic times for our planet.
Most land creatures that survived had to hide under the ground, coming up to kill to eat.
Humans survived by living in caves or building underground cities.
Atlantis, naming the Atlantic Ocean, down where the antarctic is now, became frozen.
Those people fled north up along the African coast, building the ancient monuments of Egypt,
and the underground cities they survived in, with room for domestic animals.
Moses, writing about 3,500 years ago, said in those days there were giants.
The Bhagavad Gita of India, over 4,500 years old, describes giants who became cannibals,
eating ordinary humans, until the god Shiva came down to destroy them, protecting mankind.
The shift in the earth's poles may have been caused by thermonuclear explosions,
during a war between gods, as described in the Bhagavad Gita, and supported by crater maps of the earth,
if you can find one. The pattern of nuclear bombs is clear along the east coast of Africa,
as well as the one in the middle of India, as described in the Bhagavad Gita,
which also describe flying craft with flames behind them, with pilots, and as missiles without pilots.
The gold broaches found in the graves of Aztec Royalty, when built as airplanes with propulsion,
fly like jets. The God of Abraham meant it when he said have no other gods before me.
Around the biblical city of Jericho, there are twenty-seven underground cities,
all built for ten to twenty thousand people with spaces for animals, even camels.
The longest straight tunnel between two cities is over four miles long, perfectly straight.
But as far as being human goes, and what our heavenly intermediaries did for mankind,
you should be asking yourself,
why did dogs start coming up to humans, looking us in the eye, helping us outside?
Yeah, man's best friend, dog, god backwards.
When did humans start speaking, instead of making sounds?
When did humans start making love, instead of going into heat?
When did humans become the only species to drink the milk of other mammals?
Eve-vent-chew-all-lee, and instead of lee sometimes ass-turn,
all those ancient cave paintings won't be seen as the worship of animals and hand imprints,
but just as artwork or doodles by bored survivors.
Have a beautiful Sumer, oops, I mean summer.
As far as Google again,
as ass-ass-ins go, they will kill you, you can ass-spire to greater heights, as Babble,
you can ass-sign someone else to pray instead of you, you can ass-end to greater glory,
you can be ass-toot, and know only the truth, as ass-sit-ticks spend their time waiting and picking at it,
you might be Ashkenazi, but you won't travel over as MacKensea, the kith and kin of ken and kennel,
as we are as to His am, becoming ash to His amen, ass-under if we no longer love,
astound me, astonish me oh great spirit, in you is life, and the life is the light of men,
ass-sured as only I can be.
Gautama Buddha would understand. Angor Wat? Jon Wot? Wattch out!
Should we all so be ever wattchful, over the watter, carried by wattage, wattever.
Only Proper English was used during this global ass-sign-nation between us.
With all due respect to the Sami, who really aren't the same.
Time to get intuit with some Inuit.
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John Watt

inside 9.jpg

I can't access the members art galleries,
so thinking of the Antarctic, here's a little arctic scene.
Is this the last open ice, where a river enters the ocean?
Is there a snow storm coming, or is it the mist or disipating fog of spring?
Only the orca can see.
And, before you say it, yes, we live in a bi-polar world.

This is a lot wider than it looks, 36" x 19",
painted with Dollarama acrylic-latex on a pallet divider from No Frills,
total cost, under $2, total time, four hours.
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John Watt

Whew! That previous fling with font was good for me, yeah,
and the arctic orca helped cool me off.
Corno Dolce might think my trying to make some excitement on MIMF, as his thread stated,
is bogus, me giving myself replies. That's okay.
That means I get to go solo.

If there's one thing about the ancient history I'm referring to that I should have mentioned,
is that in one area of the Mediterranean, predating the writings of Moses, back to Gilgamesh,
was that a group of people who immigrated to live in a carved out of stone city in the side of a mountain,
were seen as having "viper-shaped" faces, and were called serpent people or serpents.
A translation of this could be seen as being "the snake" who educated the tribe of Adam and Eve.
These snake people, far taller and thin with long necks, were known for coming down to hep and educate the locals.
If they married with ordinary humans at all, you could say they have very heart-shaped faces.

John Watt

Is this what Danish royalty looks like, during historic re-enactments?

If this is a Viking, I can say Vikings are local for me.
The first English language book published by a native in North America,
was an Ojibway from Simcoe. We had a two week summer vacation there as kids.
He talked about travellers, their name translating as horned helmet wearers,
saying they had white skin, most with red hair.
They travelled south, with records further down the Mississippi,
other natives letting them go, not wanting to fight them and their metal battle axes.
Whether they are related or not, there is a graveyard with fourteen skeletons,
all between seven and eight feet tall, all with red hair, and no red ochre on them,
what most southern natives did, in life and in burial, and how they got their name.

As a Canadian, if this was a Dane, Boewulf,
a Newfoundland tribe where the remains of a Viking village are,
were called Boe-tuk, now exterminated.
It's estimated Vikings lived here for a few hundred years,
until a change to colder climate made them migrate away.

As a Scotsman, I like how he wears his plaid and broach.
He's too wide to be Highland, his forehead is too small, too high cheekbones,
don't know the nose, eyes are too close together,
but that's okay, I'm thinking Shrek, the first computer animated movie that made me cry.
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John Watt

Are you allergic to ogre hair?

Shrek is said to be the first use of a new animated hair program from Hollywood.

Water may be running down my cheeks, because I walked in the rain to get here,
an open house for a social organization that supports me.
Winter stopped because the snow never came back,
but this year, there have been three days in a row without rain, overcast,
and it rains three or four times a day, a cold rain, a little sticky too.