I wish you all a Happy New Year!!

Frederik Magle

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Thanks to everyone that has helped starting up this forum, especially Corno, Priest and Pamadu but also thanks and welcome to the new members and those with low post-count. Everyone is welcome and their posts appreciated. I'm looking forward to much growths of this forum in the new year!

I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!!!


Commodore of Impending Doom II
more power...

See you at midnight... and happy new year to the rest of you out there.


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And a happy new year from me too.
See you all in the new year.


Commodore of Impending Doom II
Hehe... still have every limb on my body, so I suppose it has been a good new years eve.

So happy new year to all of you out there on the forum.

... and thanks to Frederik for inviting me + friends over for watching the new years explode, 5 floors above ground zero. hehe. Nice party, and I would have liked to stay.

Well... welcome to the new year.