If men wore their mother's surname... interesting!


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This was taken from a polish calendar with messages on the back of each date. Really funny and interesting what it said:

If men wore their mother's surname, they would be called:

Shakespeare William Arden
Goethe Johann Wolfgang Textor
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Pertl
Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Ramolino
Beethoven Ludwig Keverich
Marks Karl Pressburg
Churchhill Winston Jerome
Einstein Albert Koch
Hemingway Ernest Hall
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Jedrny (means not fat but [FONT=&quot]muscled[/FONT])
Osama bin Laden Osama Ghanem
Charlie Chaplin Charlie Hill


Thomas Dressler

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Very interesting! LOL And don't forget that Mozart changed his middle name from the original German. If he kept that name, and used his mother's maiden name, then he'd be Wolfgang Gottlieb Pertl. :)