I'm back again.


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I'm glad to be back again after easter and all of the cantatas I could
take!:p I was so busy I had hardly time to breathe.
judy tooley


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Welcome back Judy.. Glad you had plenty of Easter activities to keep you out of trouble..LOL..What cantatas did you sing? Take Care


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We did one that was called For God So loved. It was a new one.
On the end of the cantata it had Ode to Joy in it which I cried when
I sang it.
judy tooley


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Good to see you here again, Judy :)

I can relate to the busy times before and during Easter. Getting past April 4th was certainly a relief.

Glad to hear the cantatas went well for you. Who was the composer for the cantata For God So Loved?


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Welcome back Judy, we missed you. It sounds good you singing cantatas, I am sure you enjoyed them.



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No it wasn't the classic one. This cantata was a new one with that
title. It had some of Bach's O sacred head thow art wounded, and
on the last was Beethoven's Obe to joy in it.
judy tooley


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Hi Judy...
... and welcome back. I'll be back shortly, myself. We are preparing to move next month so I'm busy putting up ads on Craig's List to sell a lot of stuff we have acquired. This will be the 5th downsizing in 5 years. But now we are moving to a one bedroom apartment in a high-rise building downtown. Another change that we really didn't want to make but have no other choice but to move.

Glad to hear you are happy and keeping busy.