I'm back with a gift - a new video!

Hi, friends. Wow I've really been gone. Glad to be back. Well I just posted a new Classical Guitar solo of the hymn Amazing Grace and thought of sharing the link here. I hope you like it. Wow, its really nice to be back.

Have a great day!!!

Lovemore Nanjaya :guitar:


And its nice to see you back. Nice piece Lovemore. Glad to hear you are still playing.


John Watt

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I am having a great day, Lovemore Nanjaya. It's just getting a little sad, right now, listening to you.
I'm of Scottish Highland descent, and only sing this song at family funerals.
I've never made it past the second verse.

That's an eternity of sadness. I hope you find some friends to play with.