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the musician and singer Yoni Bloch recently published a new interactive music video, using a new technology he developed called Interlude. Interlude is a startup technology that turns regular linear videos into interactive user directed, multi path stories.

the viewer of this video choose the path and creates his own version of the clip out of the many possibilities. throughout the video different options appear on the screen, you need to choose and click on one of them. some options can also change the audio (for example, one option is for a cappella and the other is for rock style, or one is for a man's voice and the other for a woman's).
if you don't choose any option, the video will choose it for you.

music clip:
(wait until it load and click play. if you want to try again - click on the circle when the video ends, or click on stop if the video still playing).

In English, there's a video of Andy Grammer, which also made by Interlude. recently Andy's video recieved the 2011 MTV Most Innovative Video award. video: or
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Thats quite an ideal. I have come across variable tracks on vinyl in the past. I guess its the way of the future