Iraq. No wonder US is unpopular


I would NOT want to be a Taxi driver in Iraq. Terrible.
How much more like that goes on.????? One only hears of these things."Innocent Civilians".?????

I would NOT want to live in Iraq...Period.!!!! we do not realize How lucky we are.


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the world is at times a weird place... but wouldn't it be possible to write just a little more when introducing a "subject" in these forums? - I don't think anyone has any problems with acknowledging the fact that treating people with other than respect isn't the way to go... but I think there are countless examples of other groups "surpressing" than just the US... - give it a little perspective at times... this "finger pointing" is a little distasteful... I don't agree with any of these actions... not at all... but at times I'm growing a bit tired of the "onesidedness" often expressed...


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If I describe to much, there will be no suprise in what the movie is consisting of. But I got your point. Of course I would have left it with a larger description if the movie was containing shocking material, or if the fact was that I was trying to set up a debate. But as I refer to the fact "see for yourself", people can jump to their own conclusions on this topic, and I must admit that there were no larger intentions by posting this, except from the fact, that it was stuff I slendered by, in our eternal information flow.

Talking of onesidedness. As an individual my point of view will always be subjective, because I post my opinion. If people are disagreeing they are more than welcome to post their two cents.

As an european citizen it's hard not to jump to my own conclusion especially when our world peace is threatened by the interests of large companies with agendas that are up to no good... at least this is my point of view.

I'm fully aware of the fact that it is not only the US, who is [censored] up our dear Mother Earth, but they are nonetheless doing a pretty good job. But... basically... everywhere there is human being you will se acts of cruelness.

It is in our nature. Unfortunately. But this is also the very fact that builds history. In some sort of way we need these cruel acts to develop. Would we ever realize what is good, if we didn't have the bad things? Wherever there is light there will also be a shadow...

Then of course we can ask ourself the question... what can we do about it? Shall we just lean back, and watch history unfold, like was it a grotesque soap-opera or shall we participate in one way or another. Well. Voicing an opinion is one small step along the way. One voice usually don't sound like much, but a choir does. So. Being a onesided subjective individual, I will of course try to make the choir sing my song. Some might think that it sounds beautiful and others might think that it sounds like I love this forum. Well... that's how life goes.

this is my two cents.