Is MIMF guilty of spam, yes (no)


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Well, I don't look at my yahoo email address too often ... but when I do it is inundated with automatically generated emails advising me that a post I've looked (read subscribed to, the word subscribe needs to be learned here) at. I can't seem to find out how to turn this off globally, but I've been looking in the wrong place, probably. Frederik or any moderators like to enlighten me?

Also - the word subscribe (as defined by the Macquarie Dictionary) is a promise by signing an agreement.

I never once signed an agreement to recieve spam emails from this forum, did I?


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The forum does not initiate any spam emails to members.

If a member has "subscribed" to a particular thread, they will get notified by email when changes to that thread have been made, based upon the options that the member selected when initially subscribing to those threads.

Any member can change his/her own settings ... at the top of the forum page click on "Quick Links" and then click on "Subscribed Threads". There will be a listing showing which threads the member themselves has subscribed to. Under the heading "notification" will be the frequency of notification that the member opted for. Putting a check mark in one or more of the boxes, then going to the bottom of that page where is reads "Selected Threads", in the box to the right click that pull down menu and click on Delete Subscription, then click on the "go" tab just to the right of that, and VOILA, your subscriptions are removed.

If one desires to globally delete ALL subscribed threads, then check the box to the right of "notification" and that will check all the entries. Then go to the bottom and Delete Subscriptions, then click on GO.

Now, if one has opted to subscribe to every thread in their personal profile, then they also need to change that too, or the subscription listing will continue to grow again. This is an option for any member ... "Default Thread Subscription Mode When you post a new thread, or reply to a topic, you can choose to automatically add that thread to your list of subscribed threads, with the option to receive email notification of new replies to that thread.

MIMF does not generate or send spam emails - never has and never will.

Not Guilty as charged :grin::grin:


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Sorry to go on about this ... BUT

Despite tweaking my setting I STILL get those annoying emails from MIMF telling me of a post update ... argh!!!!


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Hi CT,

did you try the control panel? i dont know if thats gonna help, but maybe - worth a shot. if you go to edit options (i think) and make sure that you uncheck all the boxes that say 'receive emails.........' etc.

hope this helps.


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Yes ... I've done that ...

CT64 :tiphat:

The emails you receive from the MIMF each day, you will see at the bottom of each mail, there´s a line to unsubscribe from each thread. Perhaps you could try this? It may take you a few minutes, but it might help you from the frustration.

Or you could simple trash them all at once.


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Sorry to read that you are still having problems with the notifications emails on posts made in
the threads.

First, you need to change your profile setting for this, otherwise you will continue to get notifications ad infinitum until you change it. To do this, follow these steps:

In your User Control Panel, click on "Edit Options" and scroll down to where it reads: "Default Thread Subscription Mode".

Be certain that "Do Not Subscribe" is selected as the option, then scroll down to the bottom and click on "Save Changes".

Next, at the top of any screen page, click on "Quick Links" for a pull-down menu, and click on "Subscribed Threads". On the line where it reads "Thread/Thread Starter - Last Post - Notification", click on the little box immediately to the right of "Notification" ... this will insert a check mark to every subscribed thread. Then at the bottom click on the box next to "selected threads" and another pull down menu appears ... click on "Delete Subscription", then click on "Go" to the right of that, and that will remove them all.

I checked your profile settings, and you currently have "Weekly Email Notification" set to "Yes" - I do not have the "permissions" to change that selection - that is a user (member) only setting.

Please let us know if the above works - :cheers:

Andrew Roussak

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Hey, CT64, I am also here to help you.

I have read about such things in the books and can tell you what's going on. It has nothing to do with your profile settings - it is A HAND OF MIMF. They got their hooks in you, and you just can't go that easily.

What does it actually mean for you -

- in case you still receive the newsletters , nothing else would normally happen. It just shows you that all systems here on MIMF work properly;

- in case you don't receive them anymore - be sure that the employee of MIMF normally responsible for sending newsletters is doing his vacations now. You will receive all the newsletters you have missed app. two weeks later - all at once.

- throwing your computer from a window - as spectacular as it may seem - won't bring you a lot in this case. Sooner or later they will get you via a regular mail and phone calls.

Because you have to always be aware what's up here on MIMF!!!!



Aw, c'mon CT64; where's your funny bone?

Andrew's funny. :grin:

(Mwah ha ha ha! :devil: :grin:)


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And for what it's worth I still get the emails, I've just gotten used to deleting them, so the solutions provided here by the "experts" (in my humble experience) do NOT work.