Is there anybody there, said the traveller...

John Watt

I'm not only reading, I'm re-reading.
Ella Beck! That link you provided about what I can only assume is "polite" online behavior,
is described as "malicious" by my computer and isn't set up properly for online viewing, unavailable.
One of your longest postings talks about "Fred" when it's only obvious it's about me.
Did I get down on you about that, at the time, no.

I'm not looking down or looking up at anybody.
When you're off to the side as a sane and sober individual,
you're seeing all of life passing you by, onstage and off.

And what's with women kissing women here?
I never saw that on before.

"Old man take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you".
Neil Young

Ella Beck

Nothing wrong with a little girl kissing her grandmother that I've ever heard. :)

You must have a funny computer if it thinks that my reactions to your unasked-for and often uncivil posts are 'malicious'.

It reminds me of the French proverb - 'This animal is vicious; when it is attacked, it defends itself'. :D

Now, @John Watt, I must ask you once again to stop addressing me out of the blue and telling me what my life is like, what things are like in the UK, or how I think - it's always, actually, inaccurate.
You don't know anything about me, and you have no idea what makes me tick.

I shall keep off your threads.
If you must post on mine, then please would you keep it impersonal & relevant to the OP? Thank you.

Good day, and goodbye.
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Ella Beck

Just to make it clear - I joined MIMF to talk about music & to meet up online with people of good will who are seriously interested in classical music.

Life is too short to engage with anyone who isn't.

I've noticed a few great new posts about music coming on MIMF in the last few days, and that's very welcome.
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John Watt

To be accurate, it wasn't your postings that were said to be malicious, it was the link you used.

I know what you mean about classical music and life being too short.
It's a tremendous pressure all the time, but with the time I have left,
I'm only going to play music that will be called historic and classical in the future.
I never liked bad notes to begin with.

John Watt

and to the traveller I say there is somebody new here, maybe not looking new,
maybe not singing new, maybe not dancing and moving new,
but there is an original use of technology that makes this worth looking at,
even if you have to wait.
And oh yeah... twenty... fifty... maybe one hundred years from now,
people will be watching this video, thinking back to when entertainers weren't holograms,
and sitting back in amazement at the thought of these women having too much to eat.
That's when they'll melt down all the plastic CDs and playing systems to get some gasoline,
so they can try to escape their captivating city. Future thinking... I think not.

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Ella Beck

This site still has historic value for those who are interested in the specialist forums, particularly Pipe Organ & Progressive Rock.

While MIMF remains, I shall read and post on it, as courteously and relevantly as possible, ignoring ill-mannered remarks, but happy to engage with anybody who posts in a civil and pertinent manner.

I'm very glad that Bill is back and has been posting some fabulous organ music videos.

Ella Beck

If I was bi-board curious, I'd be wondering what you are private messaging,
but I like to keep it above-board and post for all to see.
That's just me, and if you want to leave me alone with that, it's up to you.
I'm not ignorant, but I am ignorable.

@John Watt, from now on, I shall not make a detailed reply to your posts in public, but I may respond in private by writing to the administrator as suggested in the Terms of Service, section 2.3, to report any of your posts that set out to disrupt my threads or that contain personal abuse.

You have professed in many posts your great respect for Mr Magle, the owner of this forum, so I am asking you in future to respect the courteous atmosphere of MIMF and refrain from making personal remarks about me, and from derailing my threads with irrelevant posts or pictures.

Thank you.
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Ella Beck

I am rather hoping that this particular thread will become obsolescent.
We shall see.
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