Jazz and Community Building


Hey all!

First of all, to introduce myself, my name is Cody Cunningham. I am a jazz bassist in college, and am pretty new to this forum. I am looking forward to interacting more here and learning from everyone!

I am currently doing a college project for my Global Musics course, and am researching how Jazz music plays a role in community building. As part of my research, I would love to hear about your experiences regarding this topic! I know for me, some of my best memories are of my early experiences at jam sessions. Of course, every jam can be different, but in my experiences I was always met by incredibly positive and supportive atmospheres. I was able to meet and network with other musicians that I am still in contact today. We have been able to help each other musically, and form engaging bonds based on a love for the music itself.

Here's some questions that, if anyone would like to touch on, would help me out! I appreciate all your time, and am looking forward to hearing some of your responses. This topic is deeply personal and exciting to me.

1) Have you been able to form friendships and bonds with others through jazz music? Doesn't have to be playing, this could even be just bonds formed because of the music itself.

2) Are there any particular styles of jazz that have played a role in forming relationships with others? (Bebop, cool jazz, fusion, etc.)

3) How have jazz ensembles you've played in formed a sense of camaraderie through pub-outings and non-gigs, if they do at all?

4) Are there any particular recordings you would say have played a special role in community building for you?

Again, thank you all! I am excited to heard some of your responses, and interact with others on this forum.