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Quote: "Jazz, Blues - So what´s the difference".

Both styles/directions in music belong to/were evolved in the american music history from a very black, in every sense of the word black, part of american history.

First came the negro spirituls, songs sung on the cotten fields in the south of the USA by african american slaves, imported from Africa to work on the fields, then the blues and finally jazz.

Difficult to go further in to it without getting in to politics and racial matters, which I never do. Beside this, it is not proper on this peaceful website. But you might try Wiki..for a more detailed definition.

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The difference between Jazz and Blues?
Perhaps we should be asking ourselves which varieties of the two we are considering !
Instrumental jazz has spread its wings widely and has left vocal blues behind in the interest of many.
However I can point to a CD by the Jack Teagarden Sextet, "Misery and the Blues" where the two genres come together in a wonderful way.


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Hi guys and gals,
Apropos of my previous post of Feb-09-2010.
Did anyone find the time to find and play the Big "T" CD mentioned?
If so what did you think?


Not found time yet but surely will on your rcomendation. JT rules. Anyone who likes blues must trawl through Eric Clapton. He has always considered himsely a blues man above anything else. I believe he was mentored by Muddy Waters. Need I say more.