Jazz Lick Of The Week #7 (Carl Fontana)

John Watt

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Rob! I hope you don't mind some comments about your domain,
from another domain owner, admin, contact, tech and content creator.
My domain and photocopier use has caused the Federal Government of Canada,
to remove one law from the constitutional law books.
The Provincial Government of Ontario created two new laws because of me,
one, governing the behavior of defense lawyers, about handing in all evidence,
and the other, making it a crime to commit a crime in the name of a criminal organization.
That makes the expense worth it, even if I'll never make the same impact again.
My domain is in transition, and I don't use code.

That also means being myself is easy online, while you have a business name, Piglet.
I don't see that as being a very good name for any music of any music application.
It might be a much adored nick-name, even from birth, but online, as a new, global identity,
that's a big, or should I type, porcine, no from me.
I bought a Pignose amplifier, the first portable, battery powered amp sold around here,
with a Pignose knob up front for volume, but even then, the name bugged me,
more than making me pig out. It was also very midi, losing it as soon as possible.
That was me, walking around with a '64 Stratocaster, riffing out in public wherever I was.

That's how I see your domain. This is you riffing out.
This can't be a profitable thing for you to be doing, especially if you're building more than playing,
but who knows, maybe in your home town having this up is creating more of a reputation,
and you're charging more for lessons or boosting a music store, even if I'm not seeing that.

Paying for a build and keeping it up on monthly basis does cost some money.
I'd be making You Tube videos and having a page about myself there, all for free.
And you still would be just one link away.

And if there's one thing I'd like to correct about your domain,
and this is me typing that if you can't spell it you can't sell it,
it's "be bop", what is "be-bop".

I'm not surprised to see no replies here, after all this time.
These forums are more about the exchange of commentary,
and this seems to be more of an advertisement for you making sales.
You also look very young, not like some jazz elder, even if your interests are.
Weather or not I should Report you to The Unlimited Jazz Sympatheticarium of Eternity,
all depends on whether your train has been derailed by Coltrane.
That would be a giant step for me, on the dark side of the swing era swoon.
You also need more colour photos, and they're so easy to do.

You should look for "Easy Wizard Pro" builds, left-clicking to global fame,
or HDMIing all the way.
Here in Ontario, Bell, COGECO and globally, Easy Hosting, all feature that build.
Take a look! Just the build, $8.99/month, with email, 20 addresses, $11.99/month,
the next one up has a shopping cart, and the biggest can run a province, or state.
You also get photo albums.


Don't hesitate to riff offa any section of this.
I will obey any Royal Newness that comes my way.