Jazz trio without piano



I'm looking for jazz trio, but without piano. Like Chet Baker trio or Sonny Rollins trio.

That's would be nice,


John Watt

Callaghan: I don't know how much you're getting into the new online economy.
You're hearing from someone who never wore a watch, had a credit card, bank loan or cell phone.
However, because of this pandemic I decided to get a debit card from my financial institution.
The first and only purchase I have made online is with rareware.com in England.
Yes, you're saying a non-piano jazz trio, when I ordered McCoy Tyners' "Echoes of a Friend" on CD.
I had the album in the late sixties, my favorite solo piano of all time,
and for the last forty years never found it on cassette or CD. I love it.
Beethoven is a distant second.

My favorite sax or flute with bass and drums is Elvin Jones "Agappe Love",
with Joe Farrell on sax and flute with Buster Thompson on bass.
If you can get into that you might not want to listen to anything else,
for a very long time.

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

as always, John Watt
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