Jeff Green - Charity Prog Album


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Hey have any of you guys come across the album JESSICA by Jeff Green...

I had the pleasure of getting this album and it is an inspiration as it is a sad story about Jeff losing his daughter at birth.... she was Still Born

I thought as it is all for charity I would post something here and get people talking about it.

Read the sad but compelling story here:

John Watt

Sorry! I'm from lower southern Ontario, Northern New York for some.
It's that calendar time of the fourth, meaning it's leap-prog year.
Endorsements, remakes, remasterings, re-releases, collections, best-ofs, like and not likes, hater and deep-see trollers, compromise this new advent of no musicians being present when music is being heard.

Some things should be between a man and his heavenly father, not global online.
As a man of Scottish Highlander descent,
Mr. Jeff Green and all his loved ones have my deepest wishes for the best of heart and health,
not just in terms of this new year, but the new life he has to find for himself.
I wish I could help.