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Warning to all who use PayPal, especially if you're in the United States trying to order one of Frederik's CDs from Denmark: you will probably not see the CD and lose your money in the process. Example: I tried to order Kosmos from the only place I could find, www.cdklassisk.dk and after 6 months and re-ordering twice, with numerous emails to the owner, petitions to PayPal for refund, and eventually no satisfaction with either of them, I'm out the money for the CD. :mad: I'm so thankful Frederik makes some of his music available here in his website and store! :)
When petitioning to PayPal they tell you to wait another length of time just to make sure the item has enough time to ship, and to contact the store-which as I said above, I did. I did not have the patience to keep following this up after 6 months and gave up.
I will never order from CDklassisk.dk again nor use PayPal-EVER!. The last time I wrote the store trying to get a response and threatened to write a bad review of the store in this forum, Peter Olufsen, the owner of the CD store, finally wrote back and said in Feb08 that "more than 20% of their orders to the U.S. never get there" and that he would send out another copy "today." Still haven't seen it (since Feb.) Well, hard to believe I just happened to be one of the 20 percent! Amazon.com does not require the amount of "paperwork" PayPal requires to make a claim.
REQUEST TO FREDERIK: could you make all your albums available through Amazon.com, or through your own online store? I'm still trying to find Kosmos. :smirk: Susan
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