"La chasse au dragon" for brassband


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What a wonderful piece. I was unable to find your Bio on your website (very nice website by the way), but you have some great works. You have a wonderful sense of comedy and playfulness in your work that is quite refreshing and is a constant in your writing. I especially enjoyed your musical, Creatures; very colorful and entertaining.

Are you a trained jazz musician? You have a very distinct jazz sound. I would love to know a bit more about your professional history, if you don't mind.:) You are a writing machine!


Lee Maddeford

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for your kind words.

Yes I do have a jazz education. I studied at the Cornish School of Music in Seattle, Washington. The teacher who influenced me the most was Art Lande. If you find any of his recordings on the net they're worth the listen. Otherwise I have been living in Switzerland for the last 20 years where I work regularly writing for theater, danse, a bit for television and film. I often play in theater pieces, sometimes as an actor, sometimes playing either the piano or brass instruments. I never formally studied composition or arrangement, learned that part by ear. When I'm asked who influenced my first response is Randy Newman. This may be where that sense of comedy you were talking about comes from.