Mark D

New member
I don't plan on using this site again so please delete my account. It doesn't seem there's any way for me to do it myself.


Staff member
Sorry to see you go, Mark :(

User accounts are never deleted - doing so may remove postings which can disrupt the flow of an existing conversation.

Possibly, in the future, you will want to return to this forum community - your account will still be here on the active list.

Take care :)

Mark D

New member
Well since the account does not get deleted ever, I eventually changed my mind and can currently be considered "back". :eek:

So I guess there's no reason to keep this thread.


Glad to hear the news that you are back. When you get time post something for us to listen to your work.

Mark D

New member
Certainly, I am looking forward to recording on the 5-manual 90-rank Möller at school.