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John Watt

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Hmmm! I didn't make it to noticing a broken left index finger.

Before I get going on again, let me say this woman is too young for me, just not free from my comments.
As far as singing and playing an acoustic guitar, while looking young and beautiful, this is the best for me.
And this is a lifetime best, thinking Ann and Nancy Heart, Alannah Myles, and other rock and country singers,
who play off their sexiness but don't have the fresh and outdoors healthy look our new woman has.
I just keep thinking she's going to be used and used up. I hope she has enough ideas of her own for her own life.

My idea of entertainment isn't listening to this young woman sing about how the music business brought her down.


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Where on earth have you been?.... I was getting boradicated

John Watt

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It's nice to be missed. I didn't look online for over seven days, at one point,
getting outside on bike hikes during this cool, overcast weather, what is defining this summer.

What also is defining this summer is DVD movies going down, seeing them cheap at flea markets and yard sales,
getting some for $1 each. The local convenience store is selling them new and used and will trade food for a movie.
At the Toronto C.N.E. (Canadian National Exhibition) there was a big DVD and CD seller,
everything new, everything $3, four for $10, seven for $20, even season box sets and compilations in collectible tins.

I bought a flat of coconut with honey and some sesame and honey rolls from Egypt, very nice.
I also got to expand my world of animals, petting an alpaca. I petted llamas before.

I kept my eye out for new New Zealand stuff, but you must be laying low.


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John food is just energy to me I am not adventurous at all I don't like Fish that we get in the shops (too old) Cabbage, Eggs or Goose, but enjoy Fish and chips, I am a Luddite give me a cheese and a bottle of beer or red wine, smoked Salmon lovely stuff, and Canadian tinned red Salmon.


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Oooh yes, Fish and chips. Fell in love with that while in the UK - had it every evening for dinner while there.

It's offered locally, but not as good as in jolly olde England. First time I had it, it was served with mushy peas. That pub had a drink called J2O that we really really liked. Not available over here.


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Same in NZ the fish and chips are rubbish but I was forgetting the equivalent take away in NZ in fact the favorite is the Meat Pie and they are good "Stake and Kidney" "Beef mince" "Egg and stake" a lot more but I can't remember them.


John Watt

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Oh, this hurts a little, here in the Niagara Peninsula.
You can't get big tins of wild, Pacific sockeye salmon any more. red salmon for JHC.
The manager of Zehr's, an upscale supermarket, told me about that.
The Canadian moratorium on cod means cod liver oil comes from Norway.
I'm buying salmon oil to make up for less fish.

Too bad that meat pie isn't sitting right in front of me,
unless you get angry when I put Heintz ketchup on it.

Not chicken, beef, hamburger or fish, what was on sale last weekend?
Big legs of lamb, the first time I ever saw that in Welland.
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