Little Einsteins (Disney cartoon with lots of Beethoven)


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" The Philosophy Behind Little Einsteins

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The mission of Little Einsteins is to take preschoolers on exciting musical adventures set in the real world (and inside a few great pieces or art!).

On each adventure, your children will help the Little Einsteins team solve an important mission, meet new friends, visit interesting destinations, learn about and make music, and laugh along the way.

Music plays an essential role in each of the Little Einsteins adventures. As the lovable team sets out to complete each mission, classical music takes a special role that helps advance the story while setting the tone of each show.

From the very beginning of every show, preschoolers are encouraged to interact and collaborate with the Little Einsteins team in a fun-filled effort to achieve the goals of each mission. Whether it’s patting their laps to create more power for Rocket to blast off, or locating the footprints of a missing reindeer in the snow, your little one will be immersed visually and interactively in each mission.

Little Einsteins encourages your child to investigate their own curiosity, helping develop a lifelong passion for discovery and learning. Appreciation of music and art are made fun and exciting as the team discovers the real world and interacts in a whole new way with music, art, nature and more."

My daughter (22 months old) started watching this show a few weeks ago, and loves it. It grabs her attention, and the music is phenomenal. I can't tell you how pleased I am by my little girl's interest in something that is packed with classical (Beethoven) music, at her extremely young, and influential age, this can be nothing but good for her cognitive and creative mind.

It's incredibily unique, and even fun to watch for adults who at least enjoy classical.

I understand many of you are in not in the US, but you can sit down with your little ones and check out

I'm not on Disney's payroll or anything, I just thought I would share something I found interesting and fun with the rest of you.