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Looking for a George Wright Album


New member
Of course I'll still be around, you can't get rid of me that easily!!! Besides, I'm a seaman, 2nd violin now, I've got a rank to maintain!

You guys have really been <font color="red">t</font><font color="blue">e</font><font color="green">r</font><font color="purple">r</font><font color="brown">i</font><font color="red">f</font><font color="blue">i</font><font color="green">c</font>,
and if you hadn't helped me I'm sure I wouldn't have found this album.

And to answer your question, Frederik, I found your group through a Yahoo! search. I used the keywords "pipe organ" and "forum."

Thanks again, everyone, I'll check back often!


Don't worry anymore, maybe there is a solution to your troubles. As far as I can see the name 'George Wright' is correct, George Wright was a virtuous on theater organ, he used to play the famous Wurlitzer organ. Compared to modern sequencers and synthesizers theater organs of the 50s and 60s were the most spectacular instruments of its time.
I made a quick search in GOOGLE like this: organ bird recording "George Wright" and got a lot of links, there was even a link to this forum. Some of the text in the first and only link ( web page ) I looked at says: "except that Wright produces bird squawks, screeches, and other jungle noises with the organ alone" .
I think that the bird song your grandfather is talking about just has something to do with George Wrights manipulation of the organ. I believe that you can find the singing bird on many of the available recordings, and remember that some of the biggest theater organs had huge pipes, but they were not pipe organs.


Oh my, I just discovered that there were three pages in this forum, I had only seen the first page when I posted the message, I'm sorry. I have not been reading the other answers but I believe that there are other solutions to your question about the mocking bird.


No need to be sorry...you have added a lot more to this question and a very interesting web page that we all missed.
so thanks. http://www.spaceagepop.com/wright.htm Why don't you register a username and come join us in this forum.There are many more interesting topics and also more on "the organ" in hidden sections. So Thanks again for the extra information. It all helps.Hope to see You back. You are Most Welcome. Cheers
ah ah R.I.P George Wright.
Aug 18,1920-May 10th,1998.
Banada 12295 DDD "EL CUCKOO LOCO" 3rd last track. http://www.theatreorgans.com/cds/banda.html

Now I am wrong. hehehehe
Priest did give these links out in the 3rd & 4th Posts on Page One.
However...it has kept this Thread alive...and that's the whole idea...