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Rune Vejby

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Hi all,

I have been searching the net intensively in order to find the sheet music for the piece Lent (melancolique et doux) by Claude Debussy. It is part of his "Images Oubliees" for piano, which is not one of his most well-know works. I have managed to find the whole Images Oubliees to purchase but the price of 10 USD is a bit much when I am only interested in the first piece. So preferably I would like to only purchase the score for Lent (melancolique et doux).
Can anybody help my find this?

Thank you very much.



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Another posibility is the Danish Library site - www.bibliotek.dk - try searching for "Forfatter": Debussy, "Fritext": lent and "materialetype": noder - this brings up 4 "hits" which you should be able to reserve for your local library. (as far as I can see it should even be available at the Copenhagen Main Library - a search for "Debussy lent" at http://bibliotek.kk.dk gives me 1 hit for sheetmusic).

I'm not sure whether you'll be able to find Lent being publish as a single piece anywhere - Theodor Presser has the whole work for sale at $9.50 - but not the seperate pieces.

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Thanks alot guys!
And no, Images Oubliees is not part of his more famous Images (book 1 & 2) works :)

Corno, I have'nt thought about bibliotek.dk, but of course it is the most obvious choice :) Thank you. I will try to order it.