looking for specific songs themes


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I'm looking for songs about good woman and dark/bad man, a controlled woman, a man who struggle and trying to reach for a specific girl...etc
i'm writing a book about that and tales like songs or just songs in general inspire me, i love symphonic metals so i prefer them to be in this genre

like New Years Day - Angel Eyes exactly but without religion or God interruption in bad/wrong way

John Watt

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the sad queen, I had to look to see where she was at.

I'm old enough to remember before heavy metal, all those stacks and stomp boxes,
and the musical influences and fashion styles that inspired heavy metal.
I would even say that Deep Purple, in 1970, set a wide template for arena rock.
Of course, Ritchie Blackmore being the second guitarist onstage with a Strat and Marshall,
was a big part of that.
If you're writing a book, how about uh, a historic musical reference.
No, not Alanis Morisette being angry and using sexual references to sell,
but Gloria Gaynor with "I Will Survive", and Donna Summers with "She Works Hard for the Money".
That was women's lib for most north american disco dancers back then,
and I still like playing those songs, driving chords that are fun to jam up.

I have survived.
There are many gods and goddesses as historic and forgotten as all human activities,
but if you see god as the system that encloses us all, you can begin to understand life in heaven.