Looking for young pianist to do professional recording

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
Hi all!

I am looking for a (preferably) young pianist to do some recording for me. I would like one of my piano suites recorded. The suite contains 1 prelude, 3 sonatas and 1 Finale, which all in all is approx. 13 minutes of music.
The reason I am posting this here on the forum is because I would like to start a cooperation with a musician from another country, which could hopefully develop into a long-lasting partnership or something similar!...

Some info about the suite:
It is of course classical music, heavily inspired by Debussy, and the technical level is rather high, but if you can play some of Debussy's piano works you can play mine too :)
I am aiming at releasing the suite some point later this year so the recording should preferably begin as soon as possible.
I will pay a very decent salary to the pianist for his/her work (the amount is not fixed yet) and you can also expect some income from CD sales etc.

Please address your attention and questions to me by e-mail: [email protected] or via PM on this forum.


Torsten Brandes

New member
Young pianist from Hamburg

Hi Rune,
the pianist of our ensemble would might be interested. If you want I could pm his e-mail and phonenumber to you. He lives and studies in Hamburg. What do you think?

Rune Vejby

Commodore of Water Music
So, its been a while since I created this thread. Just want to give you an update on how things progressed.

I must admit that I was not expecting anything when I posted this thread, mainly because this section of the forum was brand new at the time.
To my surprise I was contacted by 3 pianists (from USA, Germany & Canada) who all offered to record this piano suite for me. I chose to initiate a cooperation with a young Canadian pianist and during the last quarter of 2006 the suite was rehearsed and recorded. Everything went smoothly. I emailed her the sheetmusic and some of my own demo recordings and we briefly discussed the dynamics and expressions of the work. Then she recorded the tracks a number of times and sent me the CD - thereby I was able to choose the version that I liked the best!

All in all it was a very profitable cooperation and I am looking forward to publish this work. I will definately post some samples of the music here on the forums.

I hope this will urge MIMF users to make use of this forum section - I am certain that you will succeed in finding the connections you are looking for - no matter if you are a musician or a composer :)