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It’s a terrible morning. Blasts against civilian people on a Wednesday morning in Madrid.... It’s horrendous and unbelievable.
In this moment, the news a telling about 62 killed and ETA is blamed.

Frederik Magle

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Very sad and tragic news indeed! The victims (and their families) of this atrocious act have all my sympathy. There is NO excuse for this kind of terrorism, and if it indeed is ETA that is behind, then they are nothing but degenerated mass-murderers and deserves absolutely no support from anyone - for or against their so called "cause".


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Yes, this is indeed a very tragic occurrence!
Shame on mankind for the cruelty we people cause each other...


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yeah... I didn't have a clue about this before I read Nalia's post and then turned the tv on at 12 for the noon-newsbroadcast... it is indeed tragic, leaves one completely baffled at the inhumanity some people have... I really do want to try to understand why anyone would want this... but I just don't get it... I really don't...

my thoughts are with them all...


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I got a phone call at about 8.30. I have family in Spain, not near Madrid, but most of the day has been going looking at news, reading and raiding mails and the phone has been ringing and ringing…
A very strange and very sad day.


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I don't think that this is ETA. It doesn't seem like their sort of attacks. They always deliver the threat before they actually blow stuff up. They also know that an attack like this will be the end of their movement. Well... I guess.

I think this is directed against the coalition that invaded Iraq.


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Right know I don’t care how did it, I mostly think of the people of Madrid and the rest of Spain.
My feelings will be the same whatever it is ETA or an Islamic extremist group. Innocents people was killed.
I followed BBC Word most of the day and there are lots of facts that point to ETA. There are new leaders and they are more cold blooded. Not to long ago the police stopped two from ETA whit bombs like thou yesterday….and so on…

The group that take credit for the attacks yesterday also take credit for the blackout in USA and that was not a terror attack..…