Manzoni's "Sacred Hymns": a Choral Music for "La Pentecoste"


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Not all know that Alessandro Manzoni, the Italian writer of "The Betrothed" ("I promessi sposi") wrote several "sacred hymns" upon the most important catholic festivities. However, he left uncomplete the work, writing only five out of twelve poems. When I read at them, I said: it is poetry perfect to be sung. One of them, "La Pentecoste" ("Whitsun") with its 8-syllables lines had a perfect prosody; and a critic called it "choral, straightforwardly antilyric poetry." So I said: why don't write a music for it: this is the result.

You can find the text of the poem at

and and english translation here

Well, now the music:
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Have you put your correct date of birth on the sheet music? When you joined in 2008, you said your age was 18.