Masterful Solo Piano Music From Ann Sweeten Will Leave A Smile On Your Face


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Ann Sweeten is an excellent pianist as she has demonstrated time and again on album after album that have consistently risen to the upper echelons of the main new age airplay chart around the world (Zone Music Reporter Chart). Now she returns with what is being touted as her first solo piano album of original compositions (no other instruments): FLYING SOLO SILHOUETTE. This is as good as gets in this genre. There have been a whole bunch of solo piano artists and recordings appearing on the new age music scene over the past 20 years, but few approach the competency, talent, exquisite touch, melodic sensibilities and verve of Ann Sweeten.

On this new recording, Sweeten offers up rapid playing (“A Light Rain” and “December Snow”), some slow and flowing pieces (“Afterglow,” “Dawn on Red Mountain,” “Broken Wing at North Light”) and some with a melancholy air (“Eclipse” and “Falling Leaves” -- the latter capturing the feeling of leaving summer for autumn). She shows two active hands on “Nikki’s Song” and “December Snow” which features a myriad of notes to mimic snowflakes falling down).

In an era where there are many large, full-bodied productions, it is refreshing to listen to a Steinway artist showing off her craft with just the sounds and tones of one piano carrying the melodies, capturing the spirit of an inspiration, and gently moving the listener from Point A to Point B. This music is guaranteed to leave the listener with a smile upon their face, probably relaxed and mellow, and appreciative of that magical journey that can come from the most masterful of solo piano music.