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All members can now have their very own art gallery! In order to get that all you have to do is visit the "Member's Art Gallery" and upload one or more pictures. A gallery in your user name will automatically be created! You will be able to manage that gallery in several ways, including the creation of additional sub-galleries.

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• Pornographic content is NOT allowed in any way!, but "sensual" pictures and "nude studies" are allowed to an extend (based on "good judgement").
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John Watt

Mr. Magle! I see your domain has upgraded again. Thank you again for the vigorous literate opportunities I have found here. This is still the only music posting I'm into, other than my own domain. You've typed your presence will be seen here more now, and I think your name deserves an upgrade. Can you add a title that honours your accomplishments?
Your upgrade is working. It's added a little new frustration in me about mine, not having ways for commentary from others. I'll get it together.
Our ultimate musical host of hosts, Jubal, awaits us all.
My All Peace Be Upon You.
as always, John Watt. tuneUupL8r!

John Watt

Wow! That was 2009, and I'm not typing the same any more.
I'm a little surprised other artists haven't added something here.
I'm going to try creating an art gallery for myself,
now that I've got some new ones.

John Watt

I might as well maintain the continuity of this thread,
and add something in 2016.
This is as far as I've got, as far as finding where to add painting photos.
Here's my new portable briefcase and easel.
Others might say it's illegal for me to take their photo, or activity,
so I say it's not illegal for me to be an artist and draw their picture.
I'm going to make a padded spot for a new digital camera I bought,
and a bigger than Zippo lighter size, totally tough, five bit screwdriver,
when I get into art it can get mechanical. Bits for power tools.

I put my one piece of composed music in there too,
just to see if it fits.
Carrying some staff paper, uh, sounds like a good idea.


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John Watt

I'm back after five years and I'm laughing at myself, my life settling down after horrible criminal attacks.
Moving to another city can do that for you.
Paintings? I better show some.

Only the orca know what they're thinking, when they rise up to watch humans on the shore.
Is winter coming, rising up in open water where a river enters the ocean,
are there mountains in the background or is there an arctic storm sweeping across the land?
The close-up shows slivers of ice in the water, as it thaws or freezes, only the orca know.
This is my first painting with acrylic paint, cheap acrylic paint.
I used a toothbrush to scrub this too fast drying paint to get most of the effects.
What I like best is the deep perspective, the orca looking like they're sticking up out of the painting.
Too bad a camera has only one eye, missing stereo vision.

The painting of the shore across a bay along Lake Erie is about the sun startling you.
You're turning to look across the water and the sun gets in your eyes.
I'm probably going to paint in the sky again, also liking my suggested earth orbits, atomic.
The close-up shows the detail in the background, and the next path up the dunes I'll take.

The after the sun goes down painting is a view from Crystal Beach to Point Abino.
But... I put some bull-rushes in there to be symbolic of it becoming a swamp.
Here in Welland, only my Mohawk and Metis friends recognized that,
saying there aren't any bull-rushes out there.
My biggest artistic goal was creating detail in the shadows and darkness,
looking really nice close up.


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