Mercedes Band


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free translation with my poor English:

What's good for the brain not good for the body
Something in the sense of smell causes drowsiness
Between skies and depth trying to hitch a ride on the consolation of many
The clock rushing me to stop speeding
Because at any moment, in an instant, everything could end

One identity to the morning, one to the night
On the altar with a lighted match in the hand
One to the morning

What's comfortable doesn't (come in) good
S-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g before it starts to hurt
Strangers want to touch me, strangers want to intrude
I stare and they are screaming in my head

One identity to the morning, one to the night
On the altar with a lighted match in the hand
One in the morning, going downstairs
Just go and leave me alone

One identity to the morning, one to the night
Fame is expensive, look, maybe it's not worth it


Excellent cover of Pink Floyd's "welcome to the machine"

the best cover in my opinion from a comedy-musical TV show named "Red Band"

John Watt

The first thing I thought after seeing the name was thinking Mercedes was an old stripper name.
Mercedes Bends would be a good name for the stripper's guitar playing boyfriend.
Mercedes Bent? You got it!

John Watt

Oh Lord, won't you hire me a Mercedes Band.
They'll play metric music, for under a grand.
They'll try to take over, instead of driving us away.
Oh Lord, won't you let some onstagemusicplayingaudio today.

John Watt

Hey, uh, hey! I, uh, didn't mean ta make you cry, watch you cry, no baby, no. Not really.
But uh, sometimes I gotta go, I gotta get offstage, and leave the building.
I'm in your heart, I know that. Let me take you with me. You can be one of three.

And as a professional entertainer I should have known that replicating Elvis online would still pack his paunch, er punch.
I hope you buy the album to make it easy for you, late at night.

And even if you don't know it, my child, my sweet child, you got me, you got me always.
My parents always wanted to move to New Zealand, and after seeing the Hercules series filmed there I'd like to visit too.

And chile, rockin'in my arms, before I have to go, and that's not necessarily because I want to,
here's a few words you can have to keep with you, for when you're all alone.

Last night I was walking on down the sidewalk,
and every so often, I'd have to stop and talk.
It's always some politics and who does the crime,
and my small efforts to bring them all down online.

Oh Lord, won't you come back, and shine down on me.
Your sun and moon and all the stars aren't light enough, you see.
The world needs some guidance, from your only Host of hosts,
Oh Lord, won't you try me, and find me worthy.

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