Michael Brecker RIP

Frederik Magle

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This is really sad news, the great jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker had died at only 57 years. I have many of his albums which I enjoy immensely.
Very sad news indeed :(

May he rest in piece.

Let's make this thread a tribute to Michael Brecker. What are your favorite Brecker albums?

My favorites (but could be missing some I haven't heard):
• »Now You see It.. Now You Don't«
• »Tales from the Hudson«
• »Two Blocks from the Edge«

I only have one "Brecker Brothers Band" album, and that's "Priceless Jazz Collection", a compilation but it's very good! (though quite different from his solo albums)


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I just learned of this today, truely a great musician in many styles of music.
Check out some of the things he's done, he's on LP's from Herbie Hancock to James Taylor to Funkadelic and on, not to mention his many solo recordings and Brecker Bros LP's. An amazing and diverse musician, I was saddened to hear of his passing. He has been an inspiration to me for many years.
I love all of his recordings, have many, but Two Blocks From The Edge is in my car right now. Hudson is also a great LP. If you like the Bros lps, check out Steps Ahead.