Michala Petri


Any Michala Petri recorder music fans out there?
I'm enjoying her version of Morgenstemning by Grieg as I type.
Then there's Poul Sine Hons I Haven Lod Flyye (sorry I cannot figure out how to use the Danish letters) which sounds like something a few of you may have sung in grade school.



Hmm I hate to say negative things about musicians... but here is someone whose musicianship I detest. M. Petri has an admirable agility and a formidable velocity and speed in her performances. Her playing, however, leaves me cold. I cannot distinguish her interpretations of baroque concertos from her new music performances - the sound and spirit is the same, monotonous, cold-as-steel, and just that little bit too fast. She seems like a very nice warm-hearted person and I just cannot undrstand her approach to music. I do think a recorder'ist (?) needs to offer more personal involvement with her repertoire. The instrument is tiny and frail in sound - all that is left is room for personality and interpretation. Virtuosity is simply not enough.

M. Petri has (or had) a very large following - in a way I can understand that... she does play like no other recorder player. If only there were, subjectively, more substance...